Private Class Offerings

All of our classes are trauma-conscious and designed to support whole-being, well-being.  We are grounded in the belief that people are born whole and our well-being is innate — always available within. This is our birthright. Stress and the impacts of trauma can create barriers to wholeness and well-being.  Through breath, movement, meditation, somatic awareness, tension release, mindfulness & relaxation techniques, we reconnect our body, mind & spirit. Our goal is to empower participants with tools and techniques to respond to and effectively manage the difficulties of life.

Yara Flow

This faster paced flow class is a Vinyasa/Hatha yoga blend with an Ashtanga influence that demonstrates respect for each unique individual, their experience level, ability and personal practice goals.  This class is designed to build endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, core strength, and connection with the breath. This practice focuses on linking breath with movement and enhancing the ability to regulate our nervous system in response to stress. Register for Kyle’s Tuesday night class from 5:15-6:15 PM!

Yara Gentle Flow

This gentle and slower paced class is a blend of somatic exercises and Hatha Yoga, especially designed to reduce stress and tension held in the body. Each practice typically includes a somatic body scan, gentle breathing techniques, somatic exercises (adapted from Thomas Hanna, PhD), a few mindful sun salutations, hatha yoga postures, meditation, and deep relaxation. Somatic exercises focus on improving the mind-body connection using slow gentle movements to release unconsciously held muscular contractions that occur in response to stress or trauma. The practice focuses on alignment and stability while also working to increase strength and mobility. All levels of ability are welcome.

Yara Well-Being

This is slower paced and gentle class focused on restoring wholeness and well-being. We weave in themes, inspirational readings, strategic movement, yoga poses, mindfulness, meditation, breath-work, and relaxation techniques. This is specifically designed to counter stress, tension and the impacts of trauma often held in our physical bodies. The practice gives participants an opportunity to experience well-being and move out of the state of stress and tension many of us exist in on a regular basis. When we begin to address and release default patterns of stress and tension on our mats, we can more easily access a state of well-being off our mats in our daily lives.

Yara Kids

Our kids yoga classes are designed to be a fun and playful experience. During class we sing songs, explore breath practices, play games, practice creative poses, practice meditation, and rest during storytime. We also take time to notice our hearts beating and the movement of breath within our body. We focus on our breath and our thoughts as SUPER POWERS to cultivate peace and well-being.

Private & Group Classes

Our classes are typically 45-60 minutes and can be hosted by Yara Yoga or offered onsite at a business or organization. All classes are customized to meet the unique needs of the individual or group being served. Our trauma-sensitive approach means we respect physical boundaries, present each pose as an invitation, encourage exploration, and mindfully work to create a private and peaceful environment. If you have questions about our approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

45 Minute Session
1 Hour Session